How Autonomous Air Cargo can Expand the Reach of Expedited Logistics

  1. We believe that access to express shipping improves quality of life and economic opportunities for people, and should be available to everyone
  2. We believe that now is the moment in history when autonomous VTOL aircraft can be developed to expand the reach of air cargo at scale — the enabling technology is ready, and regulators are onboard to help
  3. We believe that our specialized team of aerospace engineers, industrial designers, computer scientists, supply chain experts and entrepreneurs will develop the definitive air logistics systems of the future
  • Our aircraft is not slowed by traffic, terrain, or automotive speed limits.
  • Our efficient hybrid gas-electric powertrain results in long-range flights, lower emissions than traditional aircraft, and zero reliance on expensive battery-charge infrastructure.
  • Autonomy on the ground and in the air enables expanded operational hours and minimal staffing requirements, with 24/7 delivery capabilities.
Our Chaparral aircraft prototype at a testing location in 2019



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Elroy Air

Elroy Air

Our mission at Elroy Air is to enable same-day shipping to every person on the planet.